Chef Kate Magee

Chef Kate Magee is a Shiocton, WI native who has spent the previous 12 years in progressive kitchen leadership roles in some of Chicago's hottest restaurants including MOD, Del Toro Cafe, Perennial, Boka, Gilt Bar, Bavette's and Au Cheval. Kate is a graduate of the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago and she and her husband Cameron recently relocated to Madison.  

Kate espouses a "from scratch" approach and strives to prepare and present the food at Brocach with a rustic elegance. Long on substance and short on pretense, Kate delivers a menu inspired by the best traditions of Ireland, New England and Wisconsin - presented simply and confidently to let the dishes speak for themselves.  

In her spare time, Kate enjoys yo-yos, roller derby and three fingers of Bourbon whiskey.  

"Brocach is a place for regular people to get a great meal in a beautiful space.  My menu should make you and your friends feel comfortable and happy - I'm not trying to teach you anything so have a beer or a whiskey and enjoy the meal!"

- Kate Croell-Magee